Your own Personalized E-Commerce Store

PrestoDirect opens up a new avenue for enterprising individuals to kickstart their own personal stores that allow them to build their business today.

Sell a Multitude of Products at Zero-Inventory Cost

Zero startup cost and zero inventories are a reality. A myriad of products can be selected for sale without having to pay for any inventory costs.

Rewarding & Flexible Payment Modes

Integrated payment channel incorporates loyalty points redemption, discounts, and easy payment helps to distinguish your business from others.

Enable Real-Time Sales Tracking with Intelligent Dashboard

Specialized dashboard that enhances your adaptability & speed of responses to everchanging e-commerce trends

Fully Integrated Multiple Logistic & Fulfillment services

Ensure your customers enjoy low shipping rates and hassle-free pick & pack services.

Enticing Discounts and Promotional Codes

A variety of discounts and promo codes are generated for specific products, members, and the public to improve and sustain sales.

Ease of Management in any Locality

Accessibility on web and mobile apps facilitate ease of management at any time and place.

Transform Your Customers Into Influencers

Group Buying encourages customers to share your products with their friends and turns them into influencers for your e-commerce store! It’s a win-win for you and your customers — they get great discounts and you get free publicity!

Automate Live Shopping on Facebook

Broadcast your products via livestreaming on Facebook to your customers. They can view and checkout products by automatically adding them to the cart, allowing you to focus on engaging with your customers!